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I'll keep my tears til later
Mackie and Me
But my grief will never go.

2013-10-19 19.29.18

Holdermaines MacTabulous Amendolara
2003-11-22 to 2013-11-04

This last Monday, during a thoracocentesis procedure, Mackie's heart stopped.

2013-11-02 09.12.40
That evening, my husband shared a video he made last winter after Mackie's original diagnosis. *Clicky Link* (it had problems playing on the site, so you may need to download to the mp4 to view)

Everywhere I walk in the house, every routine of my day, is emptier because he is gone.

2013-04-01 18.17.08

I miss you so much, Mackie. I love you.
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The Mackie Abides
Mackie and Me
This Friday is 11 months. Last week MacTabulous had another chest tap and the Cardiologist said his next one should be in about 5 weeks. That means that there is a very good chance that my amazingly large and fluffy cat will be a MackMiracle and last a year past diagnosis with HCM/CHF.

I have been a little afraid to write that down. As if the documentation of it will tempt fate to snatch it away from me.

I have a lot going on at home and at work, but this seems to be the only thing I can post about here anymore. A ritual that has allowed him to stay as long as he can; a ritual to keep him with me as long as he is able.

As always, times are tight. So if you would like to buy some perfume to offset his procedure costs, that would lovely.

I'm going to finish my lunch, finish my work day, and go home to cuddle Mackie's big fluffy face.


Fluffy and stubborn
Mackie and Me
Update to this post:

Last week was 10 months since Mackie's diagnosis.

Mind Control Mackie
He commonly uses his mind control abilities on us.

As most of you reading know by now, the Veterinary Cardiologist told us that with the advanced level of HCM/CHF that Mackie has, we would be lucky if he lasted 3 months. The last 10 months, our fluffy lion-face has proven out his LuckDragon nickname and I am hoping for more.

chicken for mackie
He did require bribes after I left for a week to San Antonio.

Unfortunately, the last six months have also included two ferret health crises (systemic infections requiring antibiotics and handfeeding around the clock), a BadCat tumor, OldLadyDog palliative care, and two significant care repairs. All on a one income household.

Assistant Mackie
Mackie is my assistant when I work from home.

By the grace of friends,  chosen family, and perfect strangers, I have been able to avoid making medical decisions based on whether we had money for it. Thank you all for every bit of goodwill, signal boosting, and help you have provided so I can keep this fluffy giant around as long as possible.

slasher mackie

Please feel free to check out or boost the signal for my sales post (perfume and jewelry). There is a donation link at the bottom of the page as well.

More Face - beating the odds
Mackie and Me
Update to this post:

Tomorrow has been 9 months since his diagnosis and MacTabulous is still bossing me around for chicken.
singing the song of his people
I have never been so grateful to be yelled at by a cat.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out, from contributing to the meds and vet appointments, to just listening to me burble on about what a great cat my fluffy boyfriend is...
mackie lap FACE

We were told we could only hope for 3 months and the 6 months extra he has given us has been amazing. I'm going to cuddle him for as long as he can stay.

If you'd like to check out my fund raising sales page, I have new perfumes and some shiny jewelry. Thanks again for reading.

Face Update
Mackie and Me
Update to this post:

When Mackie was first diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) due to Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy (HCM), we were told we had 30 days to 3 months at the outside. That was in mid-November.

mackie face

We just hit the 7 month anniversary of that diagnosis and he is still with us.

mackie tree

Along with the joy of defying the odds so far, is the struggle stretching to keep him as long as possible. He is on a combination of six different medicines given at four different times of day. That has kept a blood clot from forming and is keeping his heart as steady as possible. However, fluid keeps accumulating in his chest cavity (pleural effusion). We can (and have had) this drained off with pleural taps (thoracocentesis), and we are now having the procedure performed every 3-4 weeks. Mackie still acts like normal. He yells at me for chicken, commandeers my lap, and possessively marks me with cheek rubs. By the quality of life measure, we are also beating the odds.

mackie dignity
This procedure and the medications are costing upwards of $300/month.

I have a good job. Normally I could afford this. However, three of our other pets got sick, and our bathroom is literally falling apart so we couldn't delay a repair remodel any longer, and my car needed a repair so I could continue to commute to that job. We've already canceled our wedding anniversary plans, but it's still not enough.
I hate that I only post to ask for things any more. But he is my fluffy boyfriend, and apparently I have no shame left when it comes to trying to keep him as long as that quality of life is still there. Our accounts are just stretched too thin.
Please consider donating, purchasing something from my perfume sale (soon with jewelry and more perfumes!), or boosting the signal.

If you would just like to donate, there is a button at the bottom of the sale post too! I can't seem to get the html code to work on this post. Sorry. :(

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Raising money for the vet bills with Smellies!
Mackie and Me
*FUNDRAISING SALE: Buy over $50 worth of items and get free shipping including international (first class)!*
Updated 9/17/13, latest update post.

My cat was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure (clicky link). This sale is to raise money for his medical care.

Paypal only to cylia[dot]amendolara[at]gmail[dot]com please, I ship DC within the US for $3.50. Please let me know if you are international so I may calculate postage. I have good feedback as moontess on if you need it. Please order at least 5 samples (or 1 bottle) as the time to pack & get to the post office can be significant with my schedule.
If items are strikedthrough, they have been spoken for. After sales are complete (received by buyer), comments may be deleted for housekeeping.
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Or if you would just like to donate:

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Update and THANK YOU
Mackie and Me
This is an update to this post.

Mackie has been home a week now. We are still working with the cardiologist to find the best level of medication to prevent/slow down fluid build up (pleural effusion) again. He is very happy to get tasty treats (Pill Pockets) 2-3 times a day as well as gooshy food.

The cardiologist needs his breaths to stay under 40/minute. I find myself counting his breaths constantly.

MeiMei, the Maine Coon we adopted him with, is with him constantly - sleeping or grooming. If he has the biggest face I have ever seen, hers is the smallest. Seriously, a 7lb Maine Coon is TINY.

2 faces

I will keep trying to remember to post here, but the best place for updates is the twitter I set up for him: @MackieBigFace

Thank you to everyone who donated. We've already raised almost a quarter of the vet bill so far. It makes such a difference. I can't thank you enough.


Mackie and Me
This is an update to this post.

His heart is too big.
Scion and Mackie

As of yesterday, Mackie has been diagnosed with both HCM and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). The cardiologist said that, much like in humans, it seems to hit younger males disproportionately. That it has been building for likely a year (just after his last vet appointment), and that the outlook is not good. We likely have weeks to a couple months left.
Me and Mackie and EKG
He is home, taking meds that will hopefully give us some extra time, and purring like crazy.

I am not doing well guys.

I have set up a public twitter for updates and Mackie pics ( Once again, I am very grateful for any signal boosting on the fundraising to offset his vet bill.

I am going to love the crap out of him with every minute I have left.



Big, Fluffy, and Sick
Mackie and Me
This sucks.
Mackie on shortboxes
Two years ago we adopted the best cat I have ever met. MacTabulous (aka Mackie, BigFace, Big&Fluffy) was my boyfriend from the day we brought him home and seduces anyone he meets. Mackie is a 17lb Maine Coon, used to be a breeder male for Coonpanion in Beaverton, OR, and is the great fluffy love of my life. He is so sweet that it is a cruel irony that it is his heart that is too big for him. 
Yesterday, during a routine vet visit where all we were worried about was brown spots in his iris, we ended up admitting him to the Dove Lewis animal hospital here in Portland. Mackie has Hypertrophic Cardiac Myopathy (HCM). His heart wasn't working right and his chest cavity was full of fluid. If we hadn't caught it in this appointment, he could have died at any time. Dove Lewis is amazing. They put him on oxygen, drew out 260ml of fluid (that is about 6oz,-half of a can of soda), and are working on stabilizing him so we can bring him home.

I just got the call that he is off oxygen, breathing well, and his lungs are clear of fluid. However, he still has intermittant arrythmia, and tachycardia anytime he is stimulated by scritches or food. Once the cardiologist sees him tomorrow, we can find out the best way to bring him home and manage this. There is no cure.

He will be on medication for the rest of his life. Because it is terminal. We are hoping for as long as we can, but average lifespan from onset of HCM (heart failure really) is 3-6 months. 

I am swallowing my pride and putting up a donation button. We've already spent $3k on his hospitalization, and will figure out whatever we need to for our giant cat to be treated well and be happy for as long as possible. If you are able to donate, that would be amazing. If you are able to boost the signal, that would be great too.

I know I've been scarce of LJ and Facebook. Between school, old job stress, and new job busyness, the last few years have meant an absent Cyl. But in those two years, Mackie has been on my lap while I write papers, work on accounting, and catch up online. Because I still read and catch up every day to catch up on my lj family. Anything you are able to do to help us keep this amazing cat with us as long as possible would be appreciated with all my heart.
My Mackie
Update here.

So you want to try out Makeup
Mackie and Me
I came late to makeup. Growing up poor, feeling conflicted about femininity and presenting an attractive face to the world, and having a fraught relationship with my mother, all these meant that I had a hard time embracing makeup.

I have since, ahem, made up for that slow start.

When starting to try out makeup, there is a lot out there. A lot of Expensive things. This post is primarily about drugstore or indie brands so you can dip your toes in cheaply. I'll be doing posts on 60 second face, Five Minute Face, and my favorite fancy looks as tutorials in the future.

It's supposed to be fun like coloring, in my opinion, so try out what catches your eye. Check out youtube or makeup blogs for looks that you love, and have fun!

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